Most of my audience is familiar with The We, but some are not. Here is a little summary in case you forgot who The We are or have never heard of them:

When I speak about my first awareness of being on Earth, I speak about a level of awareness that is not a singular identity. It is not an “I am”, but a “We are”.

I experienced life and the world for a long time in that plural expression of awareness. Becoming Inelia was a journey of coming into a singular identity from a collective consciousness that has no name. As it has no name, and I needed a way to explain it, as a child I called it “The We” and the name stuck.

Some months ago, it felt to me that it was fun and safe to share more about this “We” experience, the insights that can come about from this other awareness, point of perception, and identity construct are useful to us at a singular level. When I shared this insight with Larry, we also felt that it would be a way to get millions of people to connect with the material and tools of empowerment that I am constantly bringing into our civilization for us to use.

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Welcome to The We Talks - Ep 1

Exploring who and what are "The We" - why it expands our awareness to interact with them and the same time why is it challenging to find something to talk about. 

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